Our laboratory can follow every phase related to the realization of the order, from the choice of the block, on the market or from the quarry, taking care of every single aspect, until the delivery of the sculpture or the shipment, if requested by the customer. Frequently, we have to accompany the client in choosing the most suitable block for the realization of the sculpture and we take care of the transport to our laboratory. Once in place, the block is squared with the help of the fast diamond wire and entrusted to the team of sculptors for the next steps of manual processing.

The roughing out is carried out with the traditional techniques using calipers or with the pointing machine. Once this phase is completed, the sculpture is taken over by the team that carries out the finishing, followed by the sanding and polishing. Our company, based on the experience carving marble and granite sculptures, has been specializing also in polychrome stone carving and we have created timber-wood works.