At Mosti Art Sculptures, we work every kind of material every day, taking care of its selection directly to guarantee the highest quality of the products.

At our laboratory it is possible to carry out different types of work on different materials. In particular we specialize in the sculpture of:


It is a phaneritic crystalline rock, that means with clear crystals. It is compact, polishable, for decoration and construction. On the Mohs scale, it has a hardness of 6 to 7. Because of this, both the techniques and the tools used in the processing are different from those used for marble.

 In our laboratory we are specialized in granite sculpture: thanks to real professionals, sculptors with years of experience, our laboratory is able to give shape to any project, public or private.


It is a compact, polishable crystalline rock for decoration and construction. On the Mohs scale, it has a hardness of 3 to 4.

Starting from the chosen block, the company creates marble sculptures, even big ones, and uses modern equipment for finishing, sanding and polishing.


The wooden creations involve different stages of production which start from the choice of the type of raw material and then arrive at the roughing, shaping and finishing phases of the sculpture (as for marble sculptures).

 The wooden sculptures can be made on commission or based on a design provided by the customer. The draft of the work will then be defined in detail by our sculptors of Mosti Art Sculptures, so as to be able to achieve the desired wooden work.