Designer of Dutch origin influenced by the Italian creativity thanks to her grandfather who designed new products for Philips, Claudia Hamers works as a jewelry designer. She also designs marble sculptures, Murano glass and resin objects and products for consumer goods companies: “I combine different materials and high technology to create something personal and unexpected, where beauty is the key to everything”.

 Mosti Art Sculptures has collaborated in the creation of the line “The Magic of Rings”, consisting of five marble rings by Claudia Hamers, which upset the traditional dimension of rings, entering into another perspective, namely that of sculptures and design. The link between object – desire and vanity, typical of rings, is pushed further: everything focuses on the emotional dimension. 
The sculptural models created are enlargements of precious jewels, already designed by Claudia Hamers, with a refined and elegant taste, designed according to the ethics of innovation typical of the designer.