In 2011, the company was born from the will of Alessandro Mosti to cope with the growth of its clients and in order to meet the demands of its customers for new spaces, more appropriate to the creation of monumental works, both public and private. 

Therefore, MOSTI ART SCULPTURES s.r.l. has been established and is located in the new production laboratory of Massa (Ms), in Via Tinelli 49.

This decision was the result of years of of working as head sculptor at the prestigious sculpture studio Nicoli & Lyndam of Carrara, declared a UNESCO World Heritage. 

A real reference point to Gotha and international artists such as Moore, Mitoraj, Cardenas, Cesar, Jimenez Deredia, Vangi, Pistoletto and many others. 

This experience allowed Alessandro Mosti to reach his artistic and professional maturity, so that he was encouraged to search for new ideas and objectives. 

These objectives are essential in the creation of his first solo sculpture studio where he continues his collaboration with artists he met during his previous assignment.

Today, the new headquarters and the renewed technological equipment respond effectively and promptly to any request.

Mosti Art Sculptures  executes works in a large amount of materials such as marble, granite, stones and, last but not least, an entire area has been dedicated to the wood.


The production structure reflects all the features that every sculpture workshop should have. 

Adequate space and care in the layout to optimize the surfaces in relation to the different manufacturing needs. 

A centralized suction system on all the rooms with directional vents positioned on the sculpture and two flap-blocks specially constructed and calibrated for the movement of sculptures, even of imposing dimensions. 

The current studio is presented as a framework dedicated to the artistic production of the orders received. 

The fusion of traditional techniques of sculpture – borrowed from the experience of the classic historical Apuan studies – evolves and permeates in the most up to date technologies and equipment. 

This is what ensure the achievement of highest standards of product made in the best artistic traditions of our country.

The workshop, completely renovated in 2012, now offers technical and adequate space to the creation of sculptures of any size and complexity.

In fact it is equipped with all the necessary machinery for processing granite, marble and wood. 

It is important to underline that the highly technological machinery present in our laboratory is only a tool at the service of the craftsman’s craftsmanship and his ingenuity which remain indispensable in our work. 

Behind our machinery there are no technicians who make the machines work, but many sculptors who know exactly when human intervention is necessary and indispensable. 

That’s exactly what the difference and ensure that our works have a soul.


The staff has been carefully selected by the company founder and head of the laboratory Alessandro Mosti. 

It is composed of six sculptors specialized in different domains of many years of experience that come from prestigious laboratories of our area.

 This group is the backbone of the company. 

In case of a particularly demanding and complex/urgent order freelance professionals may help us on the project to ensure the same standard quality of farm products.